Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Raiden's Privacy Policy. This policy describes how Raiden ("we", "us", or "our") collects, uses, and protects your personal information when you access or use our services, including but not limited to the Raiden website, launcher, web dashboard, Discord linking, and any associated applications (collectively, the "Services"). This policy also applies to Raiden's community server, accessible at

Throughout this policy, Raiden may also be referred to as,, or Raiden1.

Data We Collect

When you create an account or log in to any of our services, we may collect the following types of personal information:

How We Use Your Data

We use the collected data for the following purposes:

How We Keep Your Information Secure

Your information is encrypted within our restricted database, and access is limited to authorized personnel only. The information visible to Raiden team members is restricted to specific data necessary for providing support, including your Raiden login history, username, HWID, email, last IP, registration IP, linked Discord ID, license key, redemption date, Raiden UUID, membership status, succession number, device history, warnings applied to your account, notes applied to your account by support, actions applied by support to your account, and network event logs.

Network event logs refer to records of requests made from your device to our servers, such as downloading assets or verifying connections securely using HTTP certificates.

While we employ industry-standard security measures to safeguard your information, it is important to note that no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is completely secure. We continuously monitor and update our security measures to protect your data, but we cannot guarantee absolute security against all potential threats.

Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files which are set by Raiden on your computer which allow us to provide certain functionality on our site, such as being able to login.

Rights & Transparency

Raiden is commited to offering a safe, and transparent steam of information to you as the owner of your account. Should you wish to terminate your Raiden account you can open a support ticket in our discord, or email us at [email protected] and the process will be confirmed, and process within 48 hours. All of your account information and associated data viewable, or utlized by us, can be found on our account page. Which is a personalized page which displays all accessable data collected about you.

Acceptance of this policy

Continued use of our site signifies your acceptance of this policy. If you do not accept the policy then please do not use this site. When registering we will further request your explicit acceptance of the privacy policy.

Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this this policy, without prior notice to you, consistent with applicable privacy laws and principles. If we do so, there will be a new post date for the Policy. Your continued use of the site or services constitutes your acceptance of the then-effective Privacy Policy.

Security Gaurentees

Raiden offers no security gaurentees in regards to your data on our website. We've been around long enough to be able to do our best to offer you as much privacy as we realistically can, however we lack the skills necessary to offer 24/7 response to any kind of hack or exploits.

CAPTCHA privacy policy

Our website & dashboard is protected by hCaptcha and its Privacy policy and Terms of Service apply.

Opting Out

You have the right to opt out of certain data collection and processing activities. To request deletion of your data or to opt out of specific data processing, please contact us