Raiden Discord Giveaway Policy


Raiden Discord Giveaway Policy

Last Updated: 23-January-2024

Discord giveaway policy for, also known as "Raiden".

Our Policy


To be eligible for Discord giveaways in the Raiden community server, participants must meet the following criteria:

Claiming and Redeeming Prizes

To claim and redeem prizes in Discord giveaways, participants must adhere to the following guidelines:

Prize Terms

The prize given in Discord giveaways is provided "as is". Winners are solely responsible for any taxes or reporting obligations resulting from the prizes. Prizes are non-transferable, and no substitutions or exchanges will be permitted.

Participation in Raiden Discord Giveaways

These terms apply to giveaways in the Raiden Discord community server: Raiden Discord Community. To participate in any giveaway in the respective giveaways channel in the Discord community, participants must meet the following criteria:

Responsibility and Liability

Raiden will not be responsible or liable for any losses, damages, or injuries resulting from participation in the Giveaway or any related activity unless occasioned by their negligence or willful misconduct.

Uncontrollable Events: If the operation or integrity of the Giveaway is compromised by an event beyond Raiden's reasonable control and unforeseeable before or during the giveaway period (within 24 hours after the winners are announced or before the giveaway has ended), Raiden may suspend, modify, or terminate the giveaway. If winners are announced during or after an unforeseeable event, Raiden reserves the right to determine if the winner will still receive their prize.

Discord Terms and Conditions

Participants must adhere to Discord's terms and conditions as well as community guidelines:
Discord Terms
Discord Community Guidelines