Raiden Enhance gameplay, your way.

Why choose Raiden?

Unparalleled safety

Raiden offers ways to ensure your game is safe always. Once loaded, you're protected from the most vicious characters.

Robust Vehicle Manager

Raiden offers a unique vehicle manager, meaning you can save vehicles to file, customize them in real-time, and summon them with just a click. With more than one way to view the options, with just a click.


Raiden takes incredible pride in our financial unlocking abilities. Pretend you're on wellfare, or unlock everything, be the highest level, at the tip of your finger.

Settings Saving and Loading

Always jump into the game with the settings the way your want them. Automatically load languages, and your saved keybinds. Your configuration for your style of play!


Raiden is the best bang for you buck. Operating since 2019, we're one of the most senior game enhancements. We continue to deliver a unique, affordable product with active development.

Original Dual-UI Client

Raiden now offers three UI modes, from our iconic ImGui Modular to ImGui Windowed, to our simple NativeUI. Choose your style, and stick with it.

Connected & Secure

Raiden delivers our ehancements though SSL, meaning it's encrypted until it gets to your device. This way, we can offer automatic client updating, and real-time updates for features.

Seemless Integration

Raiden is proud of our professionalism, and integration with Discord. You can manage your Raiden account, from our bot. Plus, if you link your account, you unlock perks like smaller cooldowns.

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